Sexual Bondage

This was a request from a German friend. The action is both fun and feverishly erotic. In this fantasy, i make dinner with my mouth stuffed and taped to capacity. Looking to complicate my efforts, MasterN hangs mousetraps from my nipples and cunt.

   It’s been days since i was allowed release, so MasterN torments me even more with a cucumber greased with cooking oil. My mouth filled with a lemon and newspaper, only delicious moans and drool can pour out.


   When the dandling torments start slowing things down, a sharp spanking is needed to get this girl moving again! The gag is slowly removed for the camera and i’m fed while tied to a chair. What a mess!

Next, it’s time for Master’s pleasure. Eager to please, i demonstrate fantastic oral skill. Lots of graphic close-ups from every angle show you all the action- right up to a creamy, tongue lapping finish!