Cherry Torns Bondage

Japanese Girl Roped – No.1 Japanese BDSM movie site in U.S. Juliettes Punishment – Slavegirl Juliette in heavy punishment. See her how she enjoys to obey her master in all ways. High end production kinky artisitc HD films on video clips scenes of dommes and subs play with fetish and bdsm concepts DECEPTION + Bonus… Continue reading Cherry Torns Bondage

Cellar Punishment

Get ready for a sizzling story that’ll have you creaming in your jeans! Sweet embre plays a young and naive secretary, new to the job and meeting her boss for the first time. The action heats up when she wakes up dangling in chains in his basement. Here she is corseted, whipped, flogged and caned.… Continue reading Cellar Punishment

Sadomasochistic Sex of Melanie Moon

The bitch, a brunette of a certain age arrives in her leather outfit and she starts live action. She runs and obeys stride to every whim of his master. On all fours she sucks deep groove the tail of his domineering. Blindfolded, the guy masturbates spanking the slut and clamp her big nipples. Then she… Continue reading Sadomasochistic Sex of Melanie Moon

Enslaved has gone

Remember enslaved ? The wonderful site featuring Rachel Paine, Paige of course and many other super bondage babes. Sadly it seems to be permanently gone 🙁 Ashley Renee Alana Aja Anatasia Pierce Amber Anita Aylith UK Babydoll Bella Candice Chandler Chanta Rose Charlotte Fetish Claire Adams (AZ) Cleopatra Dana Dearmond Darenzia Emily Marilyn EOE Erin… Continue reading Enslaved has gone

BDSM Report: Extreme Impact Play

BDSM Report: Extreme Impact Play – read all about it at Impact Play and Punishment Methology Video [KGVID][/KGVID] Influence play is a human sexual observe during which one individual (the sub, or “backside”) is struck (normally repeatedly) by one other individual (the dom) for the sexual gratification of both or each events. It’s thought-about… Continue reading BDSM Report: Extreme Impact Play