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DECEPTION + Bonus Material – A Fantasy Feature w/ Veruca James & Cherry Torn

This is being released to Hogtied.com members with added Bonus Material including interviews with the cast and the Q&A from the premiere of the movie at the Armory.Cherry Torn & Veruca James take to the deep woods for some rest & relaxation. They take an extended trip to go hiking & get their minds off of the real world. The forest is a very calming place & the girls can’t wait to take all of it in. Once in the woods the girls find that they are not alone. There is an evil dark presence getting closer & waiting for the perfect moment to expose itself. Once exposed there is no putting this evil back to rest.

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Sweet Yhivi is Decimated in Brutal Bondage, Torment, and Screaming Orgasms!

Yhivi did her first porn shoot ever with me a couple of years back. She is hotter than ever and man has she blossomed. i start with her standing so that we can remove the clothes to expose her hot body. I take one of her legs and pull it up to make her pussy helpless to what I wanted to do. Next she is tied upside down in a chair and the foot torment begins. She is put through excruciating pain then I start to fuck her tight little pussy until she begs for me to stop making her cum. I take the dildo and us it to shove down her throat while fucking her face.It’s time to make this slut fly, so she is put in a brutal two point suspension. She is flogged and then made to cum until she can’t take it anymore.In the final scene she is as helpless as it gets with her limbs all pulled in different directions. She sits on a small platform knowing that it’s going to be all or nothing now. I slap her around a little bit and then make her cum more than she has all day combined. She squirms and begs, but I’m not stopping. She pleads and then starts to bargain and I still don’t stop until I think she’s had enough.

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Cellar Punishment

Get ready for a sizzling story that’ll have you creaming in your jeans!

Sweet embre plays a young and naive secretary, new to the job and meeting her boss for the first time. The action heats up when she wakes up dangling in chains in his basement. Here she is corseted, whipped, flogged and caned. With electrodes chewing on her nipples, she learns to beg for cock, which is provided with a deep, throat choking technique.


Upstairs, little embre is tied spread eagle to a bed, and her ass is plugged up tight. Squirming under the torment of mousetraps, whips, and a 12 inch dildo, embre finally gets her release for being such a good slave.

Folks, we guarantee this is one of the hottest sex and sadism videos you will ever see!

Sadomasochistic Sex of Melanie Moon

The bitch, a brunette of a certain age arrives in her leather outfit and she starts live action. She runs and obeys stride to every whim of his master. On all fours she sucks deep groove the tail of his domineering.

Blindfolded, the guy masturbates spanking the slut and clamp her big nipples. Then she rebuffed the ass in every way like a real slut before getting fucked and fucked asshole before lapping up the cum on her tits and poured on the floor. A sadomasochistic sex to be enjoyed without moderation.

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Sadomasochistic Sex of Melanie Moon

Some guys like to be dominate and others like to dominate and in this porn video you will watch these two categories of pigs fetish. You will watch these mistresses in latex with leather boots dominate these perverse and be dominated by these lads. Of whipping, spanking, humiliation excessively.

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These guys are sucking these leather outfit in which girls are also graze the lawn before exploding ass and asshole by these perverse sadomasochistic.


Rough Sadomaso Blowjob

It has not been created in the same manner. We will never know why but it turns out that some men love being dominated. These are the guys who let themselves tied or humiliated during a plan ass.

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Brutal Domination of Melanie Moon

Once in a leather outfit, these women put into action and engage in a group sex party is going to be scorching. Look at those eyes mistresses crowded rub against each other and roll big bowls slobbering while caressing her breasts. The guys masturbate in giving spankings then they come to be sucked up by this subject. It’s very exciting for them being abused before a deep throat blowjob.

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BDSM Report: Extreme Impact Play

BDSM Report: Extreme Impact Play – read all about it at BDSMFiles.com Impact Play and Punishment Methology Video


Influence play is a human sexual observe during which one individual (the sub, or “backside”) is struck (normally repeatedly) by one other individual (the dom) for the sexual gratification of both or each events. It’s thought-about a type of BDSM.

There are variety of actions that qualify as impression play.

In erotic spanking the sub is struck both with the highest’s open hand, or a inflexible implement such a paddle, cane or using crop. Within the latter case the exercise is also known as paddling, caning or cropping. The same old targets for spanking are the buttocks and interior or outer thighs.

In erotic flagellation the sub is struck with a versatile implement such a whip or belt. Whips are categorised by what number of falls they’ve:

  • Single tails equivalent to a bullwhip have a single fall. The related exercise is known as single tailing.
  • Floggers, equivalent to a cat o’ 9 tails have many falls. The related exercise is known as flogging.
A rendered portrait of a girl about to be flogged.

For security, influence play must be achieved on areas of the human physique nicely protected by fats or muscle; spots to keep away from embody the kidneys, neck, tailbone, hipbones, the pinnacle and all joints. The standard targets for flagellation are the buttocks and the 2 areas of the higher again beneath the shoulder blades. With care, the thighs, the backs of the calves and the chest could be targets as properly. Breasts are one other potential, however excessive-danger, goal and may solely be used with expertise.

The usage of a whip signifies that the highest should take nice care to hit the meant goal space, and keep away from wrapping; that’s when a whip or flogger makes contact with the goal space someplace up its size and the remaining size wraps across the sub’s physique to ship a pointy, non-erotic, and probably injurious off-goal blow, comparable to to the hipbones or ribs. The longer the falls, the extra ability is required by the highest to land a secure blow. Superior flogging methods use a pair of floggers employed in a martial arts model alternating sample, a way generally known as “florentining” or “florentine flogging.”

punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 37 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 36 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 35 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 34 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 33 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 32 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 31 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 30 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 29 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 28 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 27 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 26 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 25 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 24 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 23 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 22 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 21 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 20 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 19 punishment-methology-1-elitepain-video thumbnail 18

Much less frequent types of influence play embody punching and face slapping.

The sensations produced by affect play rely on the world wherein the affect is concentrated. Large implements akin to an open hand, paddle or flogger produce a boring “thuddy” sensation. Slender implements resembling a cane, using crop, belt or single tail produce a pointy “stingy” sensation.

A slapper or smacker might also be used. This consists of a broad (three to four inch huge) semi versatile leather-based paddle with rounded and tapered edges, designed to attenuate the severity of tip strike.

Read all about it at BDSMFiles.com Impact Play and Punishment Methology Video

BDSM Report: Excessive Impact Play

Asian BDSM

Kumi Monster tied on dirty tires

Kumi is always up for something different. Different suspensions always trick her. Here I decided to tie her to my old winter tires. Kumi got sooo dirty that I had to scrub her back in the shower.

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Blonde petgirl dildoed

Lucy is a naughty little girl who gets turned on by everything kinky. I set her up with a good friend of mine who is very experienced in petgirl training to give her another kinky experience. He treated her just like a dog and she loved it. And I loved taking the pictures!

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Blonde babe covered in chocolate

I decided to have some fun with some chocolate bodypaint I got as a present. Cathy was to be the victim. I warmed the chocolate and started paining her body with it. After adding the chocolate I had to remove it with my mouth. Pour me? No way – chocolate and a hot girl at the same time. It couldn´t get much better.

asian bdsm

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Kinky nurse abuse female patient

Marie Mille is such a little horny slut. She loves all kinds of kinky stuff. I thought she needed some medical treatment and dressed up as a Kinky Nurse and gave her the best treatment possible. I tied her down, fucked her with an inflateable dildo and then I tried to fistfuck her. believe me she enjoyed it!

Medieval Torture Play in BDSM

BDSM Report is back with the latest from the world of sadomasochism. Kinky babes tortured on film. Bondage sessions showing new techniques. Striped bottoms of female subs spanked. We are on the lookout for all of it!

It’s a double dose of cruel bdsm torture when this cute blonde girl is tied down with rope prone on the bed and her bdsm mistress and her cruel assistant have their way with her. She gets a whipping she will never forget as the two tormentors tear up that nice little ass of hers til it glows beet red like a stop light warning. Women torturing women and it’s all here in this remarkable video.

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New 18+ Schoolgirl BDSM Roleplay Films

School’s in a bdsm sort of way when this cute brunette ends up the classroom example in a sinister bdsm whipping class. The classroom dominatrix, a hottie in a short French cut hairdo shows the women of the club just how a good rope bondage ass whipping is to be delivered. She tears into this poor girl’s bum with that whipping crop and turns those buttcheeks of hers into red rosey biscuits of bdsm badness.

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Medieval Torture Play in BDSM

Let the medieval torture begin in this video where these beautiful girls are held captive in this dungeon while their cruel master gloats. He uses all sorts of sinister devices and torture techniques on them and you can see their tender plump asses get a brutal whipping that makes those tantalizing asscheeks as red as cherries. Rope torture and medieval bdsm dungeon sex torture all included.