Big Titted Slaveslut’s Introduction

Shadow Slaves

Introduces: BDSM Slavegirl Gina with Extreme breast and pussy torments

Introducing Slavegirl Gina

Pinwheeled stripped and whipped this big titted slut is blindfolded throughout her introduction into Shadowslaves. She learns right away there’s no easy ride with the brutal Master, Magick.

Clamped tits and pussy

Her intense welcome includes her nipples and cunt being clamped with pegs for the pleasures of her new Master, but he doesn’t stop at that.  The clothespins are to be viciously snapped off with the beatings of the flogger and riding crop

Bound for clamps to be beat off

Sexy and REAL,  Shadow Slaves delivers Intense Domination

Gina’s Introduction is far from over,  she is made to withstand holding heavy weights with her pussy lips while being burnt with wax.

weights dangle from her cunt while wax is poured over her

…and This Introduction continues…

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