Teasing and Whipping

In this unscripted encounter, embre plays “Domme for a Day” with friend tayrn. Embre discovers a new taste for teasing, whipping and using her own submissive plaything.

These two ladies are more than casual acquaintances. You’ll see a long time, close friendship become something more when they get together for a night of fiendish fun!


As a budding top, embre proves to be a fast learner. Using the signal whip, massive clothespins and body paint, she skillfully mixes pain, pleasure and love to a feverish pitch. As for sweet tayrn, her obvious attraction to embre is equaled only by her submissive nature and desire to please.

But eventually, embre must be reminded of her true nature, and MasterN turns the tables on her. Now our little “boss bitch” must serve two dangling cocks, which she does with the hot mouth of a good slave. Next, tayrn dons a double ended strap on for double ended pleasure. Another first for her, tayrn needs some time to get used to wielding her own “cock”, but soon she is pounding into slave embre with a natural gusto! Sweet moans and plaintive cries become the soundtrack to this feature.

If you love to see real, loving submissives act out a long time attraction to one another, this is the ideal movie for you. Lots of throat choking oral, frantic fucking and steamy girl-girl action are what Playtime Partners is all about!