Lola Fae foot fetish playtime

Lola Fae foot fetish
Lola Fae foot fetish

Lola Fae is a bratty foot fetish babe who loves to tease and play with her man. She called him over for some fun tonight and he arrives ready for anything. And it’s a good thing he is, because Lola has a surprise in store for him. Not just the usual sex play, but pure foot worship at its very best. Lola can hardly wait for him to get his mouth on those sexy feet and wrinkled soles!

As soon as he enters the room, she directs him to the foot of the bed. With a sly grin, she sits back and crosses her long legs, displaying her perfect feet for his adoration. He can’t help but feel a surge of excitement at the sight – he’s always had a soft spot for Lola’s gorgeous feet.

She watches him intently as he kneels before her, ready to worship her toes in all the ways she deserves. “I decided I’d get all dressed up for you tonight,” she purrs seductively. “I definitely had a reason for having you come over tonight. Playtime!” She wiggles her toes and looks so adorable, you wish you could step through the screen and touch those feet of hers.

In place of you, Lola’s man eagerly leans in to kiss and lick her feet, causing Lola to let out a soft moan of pleasure. “Do you wanna know what I like to do for my playtime?” she asks with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. She’s about to tell him precisely what kind of foot fun she’s in the mood for.

“I want you to get on your hands and knees, stick out your tongue…” Lola instructs, running her toes along his lips. “I like men to lick my feet! You were just so excited to use your mouth a second ago! That’s right, get every toe!”

With each touch of his lips on her skin, Lola feels herself becoming more aroused. She loves being in control and having someone worship her feet brings her immense pleasure.

As he continues to lavish attention on her feet, Lola lets out small gasps and sighs of delight. Her cute crimson hair makes her look even more enticing as she shifts and writhes on the bed, enjoying the sensations coursing through her body.

Her man can sense her growing pleasure and he quickens his pace, wanting to please her even more. His tongue glides over every curve and crevice of her feet, eliciting moans of ecstasy from Lola.

As she reaches the height of feet fetish pleasure, you surely will too!

But things are far from over for Lola Fae and you. She has only scratched the mere surface of your foot fetish desires. If you’d like to see even more of what Lola Fae and her foot fetish pornstar friends get up to when it comes to foot play, be sure to join Bratty Foot Dom for all the thrilling and steamy action. You won’t want to miss a single second of it!