Daisy Ducati leather boot worship

Daisy Ducati foot worship
Daisy Ducati foot worship

The room was filled with the intoxicating scent of leather and sweat for dominatrix Daisy Ducati’s foot worship. Dark-skinned femdom babe Daisy sat perched on the edge of the bed, her long legs stretched out in front of her, clad in pleather leggings and shiny thigh-high boots that hugged her toned thighs like a second skin. She smirked as she watched her submissive, eagerly waiting for his next command.

Daisy Ducati foot worship in leather on Bratty Foot Dom

“You can barely resist, can you?” she taunted, running a finger along the edge of her boot. “Just anxious to get my perfect size nine feet? You know what to do.”

Her voice was like honey, dripping with seduction and power. Her submissive nodded eagerly, unable to resist the pull of her commanding presence.

“Lick them all the way from the bottom to the top,” Daisy commanded, lifting her foot up and placing the heel of her boot on his neck. “Clean them with your filthy little mouth.”

Her submissive loved being down on his knees to worship her boots, running his tongue along the sleek leather and kissing every inch of her feet. He could feel her watching him with amusement, knowing that this was exactly where he wanted to be.

“I want to feel your tongue through my shoes,” Daisy purred, enjoying every moment of control. “Through my big shiny thigh-high boots. All the way up and then all the way back down! Every last inch.”

He followed her orders diligently, lavishing attention on every inch of her boots until they shined under his adoring touch. His own desires were pushed aside as he focused solely on pleasing his mistress.

“Eventually, if you please me enough,” Daisy continued, leaning back against the bed and crossing one leg over the other. “I’ll let you slowly remove those leather boots from my sweaty feet.”

The mere thought made her submissive’s heart race with anticipation. He had dreamt of touching her bare feet for so long, imagining how soft and perfect they would feel in his hands.

“Peel my boots off slowly and deliberately,” Daisy teased, seeing the desperation in his eyes. “Until my naked toes are in your grasp.”

He couldn’t believe his luck as he slowly removed her boots, revealing her bare feet for the first time. They were just as perfect as he had imagined, with smooth skin and perfectly pedicured toes. He leaned in to kiss them, savoring the feeling of her warm skin against his lips.

“You can kiss and suck my wrinkled soles,” Daisy instructed, running her foot along his cheek. “Lick my warm skin and worship my feet the way they deserve to be worshipped!”

Her submissive followed her orders eagerly, lost in foot fetish bliss as he worshipped every inch of her feet. He could feel his desires building with each kiss and lick, but he knew better than to act on them without permission.

“Worship my whole body,” Daisy commanded, pulling him away from her feet. “In this tight pleather outfit.”

She stood up and slowly turned around, giving him a full view of her toned body clad in black leather. Her tattoos glistened under the soft light, beckoning him closer.

“Enjoy the sight of my tattoos,” she taunted, knowing that he longed to run his fingers over every inch of them. “But you can look but can’t touch!”

He could feel his desire reaching its peak as Daisy’s dominance grew stronger. He wanted nothing more than to please her and earn her favor.

“Only my feet are yours tonight!”

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