Lola Fae dominates boyfriend in ass fetish video

Lola Fae BDSM ass worship video
Lola Fae BDSM ass worship video

It’s a hot day in BDSM when Lola Fae puts a collar on her boyfriend for ass worship! The redhead femdom queen is always in charge of everything around her, including you and her boyfriend in this powerful POV video. The mischievous grin on her face says so much as she takes in the vision of both of you down on the floor awaiting her next command.

Lola Fae’s BDSM ass worship video

Lola Fae has always been known for her dominating presence and insatiable appetite for pleasure. And on this day, she had something special in store for her lucky boyfriend – ass worship. With a flick of her wrist, she commanded him to kneel before her and began circling him like a predator stalking its prey.

“You see,” she stated matter-of-factly, “neither of you can satisfy me.” She gestured toward her boyfriend and you. “The only thing you guys are good for is groveling at my feet and worshipping my perfect, juicy little ass.”

As if on cue, she turned around and presented herself to you, shaking her toned behind tantalizingly. “Look. But don’t touch,” she demanded. “You’re the cuck, forced to just sit back and watch while your lucky friend gets his nose and mouth deep in my ass crack.”

She circled back around to face you again, still wearing that sly smirk. “Bet it drives you wild, doesn’t it? Knowing that he’s getting a taste of heaven while you can only watch from afar.” Her words were laced with seduction and you could barely resist putting your hands on her, but you had to be a good little slave.

With one swift movement, she lowered herself onto her boyfriend’s face, his hands obediently gripping her hips as he eagerly dove in between her luscious cheeks. His muffled moans filled the room, heightening the intensity of the naughty ass fetish tryst.

Lola Fae reveled in the power she held over both of you men, controlling your pleasure with every movement of her body. She teased you both with glimpses of her yummy white ass cheeks before grinding down harder on her boyfriend’s face.

As the heat rose and your desire reached a fever pitch, Lola leaned back and allowed her boyfriend to feast on her fully. The sight of him pleasuring her so well sent waves of jealousy and envy crashing through you – you wanted nothing more than to be in his position, worshipping at the feet of this goddess.

But for now, you would have to be content to watch from afar, mesmerized by the way Lola commanded attention and dominated those around her.

Lola emerged from her state of ecstasy, flashing another devilish grin at the camera before dismissing her adoring servant. “You may go now,” she dismissed you with a wave of her hand.

But as you stumble out of the room, panting and covered in sweat, you can’t help but feel grateful for being under Lola Fae’s ass worship spell, and perhaps even craving more… Well, there’s so much more to be had at Ass Devotion. Dive in!