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Sexual Bondage

This was a request from a German friend. The action is both fun and feverishly erotic. In this fantasy, i make dinner with my mouth stuffed and taped to capacity. Looking to complicate my efforts, MasterN hangs mousetraps from my nipples and cunt.

   It’s been days since i was allowed release, so MasterN torments me even more with a cucumber greased with cooking oil. My mouth filled with a lemon and newspaper, only delicious moans and drool can pour out.


   When the dandling torments start slowing things down, a sharp spanking is needed to get this girl moving again! The gag is slowly removed for the camera and i’m fed while tied to a chair. What a mess!

Next, it’s time for Master’s pleasure. Eager to please, i demonstrate fantastic oral skill. Lots of graphic close-ups from every angle show you all the action- right up to a creamy, tongue lapping finish!

Sadomasochistic Sex of Melanie Moon

The bitch, a brunette of a certain age arrives in her leather outfit and she starts live action. She runs and obeys stride to every whim of his master. On all fours she sucks deep groove the tail of his domineering.

Blindfolded, the guy masturbates spanking the slut and clamp her big nipples. Then she rebuffed the ass in every way like a real slut before getting fucked and fucked asshole before lapping up the cum on her tits and poured on the floor. A sadomasochistic sex to be enjoyed without moderation.

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Sadomasochistic Sex of Melanie Moon

Some guys like to be dominate and others like to dominate and in this porn video you will watch these two categories of pigs fetish. You will watch these mistresses in latex with leather boots dominate these perverse and be dominated by these lads. Of whipping, spanking, humiliation excessively.

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These guys are sucking these leather outfit in which girls are also graze the lawn before exploding ass and asshole by these perverse sadomasochistic.


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It has not been created in the same manner. We will never know why but it turns out that some men love being dominated. These are the guys who let themselves tied or humiliated during a plan ass.

They find their account in fetish sex. This is what it feels poor guy face this domineering bitch who gives him excruciating whips strokes on the back become reddish. After tracking is a cul plan itself. Discover the very sensual porn videos on this site fucks limitless and exciting.

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Brutal Domination of Melanie Moon

Once in a leather outfit, these women put into action and engage in a group sex party is going to be scorching. Look at those eyes mistresses crowded rub against each other and roll big bowls slobbering while caressing her breasts. The guys masturbate in giving spankings then they come to be sucked up by this subject. It’s very exciting for them being abused before a deep throat blowjob.

They feel much pleasure in these sessions BDSM. subject of women desperate to delight your extreme sensations.

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Asian BDSM

Kumi Monster tied on dirty tires

Kumi is always up for something different. Different suspensions always trick her. Here I decided to tie her to my old winter tires. Kumi got sooo dirty that I had to scrub her back in the shower.

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Blonde petgirl dildoed

Lucy is a naughty little girl who gets turned on by everything kinky. I set her up with a good friend of mine who is very experienced in petgirl training to give her another kinky experience. He treated her just like a dog and she loved it. And I loved taking the pictures!

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Blonde babe covered in chocolate

I decided to have some fun with some chocolate bodypaint I got as a present. Cathy was to be the victim. I warmed the chocolate and started paining her body with it. After adding the chocolate I had to remove it with my mouth. Pour me? No way – chocolate and a hot girl at the same time. It couldn´t get much better.

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Marie Mille is such a little horny slut. She loves all kinds of kinky stuff. I thought she needed some medical treatment and dressed up as a Kinky Nurse and gave her the best treatment possible. I tied her down, fucked her with an inflateable dildo and then I tried to fistfuck her. believe me she enjoyed it!

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Red Headed Anal Queen is Helpless in Grueling Bondage

Penny finds herself tied to a bed on her knees. This is how we like to see the girls around here anyway, it’s where they do their best work. Her clothes are removed and used as a gag to keep this slut quiet. She s a little bit too saucy so to remedy that we issue corporal punishment. Next we display her best asset and before the punishment comes her gaping asshole beckons to be filled. The Pope tries to make her hungry asshole the first he has ever fisted, but even this sluts magical ass couldn’t handle his fist.In the final scene she is on the floor and spread in a very vulnerable position. She is tickled and choked then made to choose her next punishment. Her feet are caned, she screams and then is pulled in the air for a full inverted spread eagle. Her pussy is fucked and she is made to orgasm one final time.

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Kinky Fetish Roleplay

In this fantasy, embre plays a wealthy but lonely Daddy’s girl. But she has a problem…there are base needs that even a doting Father can’t provide!

So our fetching tart is tempted by a personal ad for a “blind date”. Our foolish little filly gets more than flowers when she answers the door, finding herself quickly subdued and secured by an expert.


 Now held for ransom, there will be no unwanted hero in this movie to “save the day”! Back at the villain’s hideout, our tied tease is tormented with strict bondage, massive humiliating clothes pins, and a sound whipping across a creamy upraised ass.

All of this awakens shameful desires in this pretty writhing slut. After being wrapped in cellophane, a smart assed “rich-bitch” learns a lesson about respect…getting her mouthy hole stuffed with a huge, sticky doughnut!

Our bad-guy pals around with “Daddy” over the phone, getting an offer he can’t refuse in the process. Now trained to be a “good girl”, our little lady learns how much she has needed a firm hand in her life. A good attitude gets her a badly needed come while being fucked on the table (embre never fakes these for the camera!) Then she gets an opportunity to serve her new Master the way a good slave loves. Lots of furious squirming, pouty moans and hot sex make this one of the best bondage movies you’ve ever seen!

BDSM Reports

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Teasing and Whipping

In this unscripted encounter, embre plays “Domme for a Day” with friend tayrn. Embre discovers a new taste for teasing, whipping and using her own submissive plaything.

These two ladies are more than casual acquaintances. You’ll see a long time, close friendship become something more when they get together for a night of fiendish fun!


As a budding top, embre proves to be a fast learner. Using the signal whip, massive clothespins and body paint, she skillfully mixes pain, pleasure and love to a feverish pitch. As for sweet tayrn, her obvious attraction to embre is equaled only by her submissive nature and desire to please.

But eventually, embre must be reminded of her true nature, and MasterN turns the tables on her. Now our little “boss bitch” must serve two dangling cocks, which she does with the hot mouth of a good slave. Next, tayrn dons a double ended strap on for double ended pleasure. Another first for her, tayrn needs some time to get used to wielding her own “cock”, but soon she is pounding into slave embre with a natural gusto! Sweet moans and plaintive cries become the soundtrack to this feature.

If you love to see real, loving submissives act out a long time attraction to one another, this is the ideal movie for you. Lots of throat choking oral, frantic fucking and steamy girl-girl action are what Playtime Partners is all about!